The North Wasco County School District has referred Measure 33-98 to the voters for this November’s ballot.

The School Bond would raise $235 to build four new schools and install safety and security improvements at every school across the district.

To learn more, check out the District Fact Sheet and our flier with more information about the proposed School Bond.

Renderings of the proposed new North Wasco County School District are available in the image carousel to the right. 

 Click on the above image to see the full map of improvements proposed by the North Wasco County School Bond.

Click on the above image to see the full map of improvements proposed by the North Wasco County School Bond.


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Safety and Security is an Urgent Priority

No school in the District, with the exception of the new middle school, has a fire suppression system. Our High School has multiple points of entry and some of our schools lack important modern safety features such as doors that lock from the inside, emergency alert systems, and security cameras.


Our School Buildings are Aging and in Need of Repair

The average age of a school in the North Wasco School District is 60 years old and some schools are nearly 100 years old. This means their electrical, heating, and cooling systems are inefficient, out-of-date and in some cases are so old the district cannot find replacement parts anymore.


Classrooms are Outdated, Small and Lacking in Technology

Many of our school buildings are woefully outdated, classrooms are too small and every school is lacking in basic technology that will give our students the tools they need to graduate college and career ready.


Efficient, Modern Schools Save Taxpayers Dollars

A bond would allow the District to pay off existing debt, freeing up nearly four hundred thousand dollars of operating funds a year. Investing in these facilities could save taxpayers money in the long run, by making them more energy efficient, and allow the District to redirect more taxpayer dollars to classroom learning.

Our Bond Proposal For
Better North Wasco County Schools

The North Wasco County School Bond this November would provide $235 million in funding for four new schools in the district, as well as provide the following safety and security improvements districtwide.  

Check out this "Fast Facts" flyer for more information.


Modernize our Classrooms

  • Expanded CTE classrooms and labs

  • Classroom technology upgrades district-wide

  • Technology infrastructure improvement

  • Increases access to up-to-date job training opportunities


Build Four New Schools Over Next Twenty Years

  • First project: construct new high school on the site of the old Wahtonka High School with modern education and athletic facilities.

  • Future projects include replacement of elementary schools (schedule TBD)


Directs Taxpayer Dollars to Classrooms

  • Modern, efficient buildings save operating costs

  • Allows North Wasco District to redirect more taxpayer dollars to classroom learning.


Improve Safety and Security

  • New security camera systems

  • Improved emergency communications

  • Internal classroom door locks

  • Secured entrances


Upgrade and Update Buildings

  • New HVAC and other building systems

  • Repair/Replace Roofs

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question for the detailed response from the district to frequently asked questions about the proposed school bond.

What is the North Wasco County School District proposing?

The North Wasco County School Board is asking voters to consider a $235 million bond. Funds from this bond would fund the construction of four new schools and safety improvements at schools across the district. The greater North Wasco community would vote on the School Bond during the upcoming election on November 6th, 2018.

How do bonds work?

The proposed bond would be paid for North Wasco County School District residents via a property value assessment. If the bond passes, the district could begin collecting revenue in 2019 to implement safety and security improvements at every school in the district. The district would sell bonds in a staggered manner in order to fund the projects.


Didn't we already pass a bond?

Before the North Wasco County School District formed from a merger of two separate districts back in 2004, District 12 (see map) passed a bond in 2000 that funded construction of The Dalles Middle School. The 2000 bond is currently only serving half of the district's residents. The revenues from this bond alone are not enough to cover the construction costs for the needed safety and security improvements districtwide.

Don’t our taxes already pay for schools?

North Wasco County School District receives funding for teachers, administrators and programming through Oregon’s state taxes, as does every other school district in the state. These tax dollars can only be spent on staff. In Oregon, it’s up to the local community to invest their resources in new capital infrastructure like new buildings, computers and gymnasiums.

North Wasco County School District annually spends $44 million on education; the largest portion of the general fund revenue comes from the Oregon Department of Education. None of the existing revenue in the district’s budget can be spent on construction of capital improvements like new buildings.

Don't we have other sources of revenue? Why don't we instead use Oregon’s lottery funding or marijuana taxes?

In 2016, Oregon raised $60 million from marijuana taxes. The state government collects and distributes this funding across Oregon; even if every dollar of the tax was distributed to North Wasco, it represents only a quarter of the money necessary to build these improvements. four new schools and complete these crucial safety and security improvements districtwide. Similarly, annual revenue raised statewide by the Oregon Lottery is small compared to the cost for the needed for physical infrastructure improvements proposed in this bond.

What are the state of our school buildings?

Many of our school buildings are simply past their usable life spans. The North Wasco County School District was formed after the merger of two districts back in 2004. North Wasco has worked to maintain these facilities for over a decade, and hired a private management firm to contain costs and improve educational outcomes.

Residential property tax estimator

Curious how your property taxes could change with passage of the proposed North Wasco County Bond?

We've created a calculator that will give you an estimate.

To use this calculator, you need to know the "Tax Code Area" and the "Taxable Value" of your property; these details can be found on your Property Tax Statement. You can also look up your property tax information on the Wasco County website.

Above is a sample Wasco County Property Tax Statement, where you can find the Tax Code Area and the Taxable Value of your property.

To look up your property tax assessment online, visit the Wasco County website.